The Siberian express

The most striking thing about artist Ilya Komov’s “Russian Portrait of India” are the colors. But they do not merely subscribe to the popular exotic image of India. “This is traditional Russian language of painting” says Komov who showing his works at India International Centre Komov first visited India in February last year, and what he saw floored him. “There was just so much to paint I couldn’t stop myself”, says the artist who worked fast and furious, doing 30 paintings in six weeks. “I have never worked with such speed “, he chuckles. He works with swift bold strokes that lack detailing, but manages to bring out amazing likeness to his subjects, who are usually engaged in everyday chores. “I only paint live’, because imagination cannot give you so many real impressions”. So there is the grumpy turbaned butcher in Paharganj , surrounded by a heap of chicken and looking suspiciously at artist; old men engaged in animated conversation , a shy young girl in a colorful frock ,women in saris, drummers, dancers. These are people he met as he roamed the streets of Delhi, people who agreed to pose for him, then got fidgety as curious bystanders inundated the artist with questions and children tried to pinch his paint brushes. “Indians are very friendly people…”, says the artist.

Priyamvada Kowshik “The Indian express”