Principal one-man shows




2014, December 12 – 2015, January 12 “Novinskiy Gallery” , Moscow.

2014, November, Crypt Abbey of Saint-Marie

2014 Boutique “Toiles du Soleil”. Moscow.


From March 13 till April 13 2013 “FORM-SPACE-COLOUR”. The State A.S.Pushkin Museum.

2012-2013 Arles-sur-Tech (France)

2007, May. “Going over three seas”, Gallery “Vincent”, Moscow.

2006. “The Russian Portrait of India”. The State Museum of Art of the Peoples of the Orient. (Award – The Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts).

2005. “Russian Portrait of India”. Gallery “India International Centre”, New-Delhi.

2005. “Mother”. The World Bank Gallery, Moscow, A Project of the World Health Organization.

2003. “The Russian portrait and landscape”. The Central House of Artists, Moscow, 10, Krymsky Val. A Project of the World Health Organization.

2002. “The Russian Portrait”. The Russian Academy of Arts.

2002. “The Russian Portrait”. The Ambassador of Finland Residence, Moscow.

2001. Exhibition “The Healing People”, dedicated to the memory of Victor and Vassily Kandinsky. The WHO Mission in Russia.

2001. “The Dilemma”. Moscow House of Sculptors.

2000. THE UNO Information Center in Russia, Moscow.

1999. “The Russian Portrait”. (“An Exhibition in the Wardrobe”), The Russian Academy of Arts (The Hall in Gagarinky Lane).

1998. Editorial office of the magazine “Our Legacy”, Moscow

1997. Gallery “Akademicheskaya” (named after the metro station nearby), Moscow.

1996. The town of Serpuknov, the State Art and History Museum.

1994. The Russian House, Helsinki, Finland.